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Bargainers Time: Wall Money and R-Ky .,

bargainers time: One vote will be on his own measure, which reflects Trump's offer to trade border wall funding for temporary protections for some immigrants, according to CTV. It was quickly rejected by Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., set up the two showdown votes for Thursday, a day before some 800,000 federal workers are due to miss a second paycheque. The second vote is set for a bill approved by the Democratic-controlled House reopening government through Feb. 8, with no wall money, to give bargainers time to talk. Pelosi has shown no sign of yielding and Democrats hold the upper hand in public opinion -- polls show Trump gets most of the blame for the shutdown. In the Democratic-controlled House, Wednesday will bring more votes on legislation to reopen the government in line with Speaker Nancy Pelosi's demand to end the shutdown before negotiations begin. ( As reported in the news.