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Deputy Minister: Veterans Affairs and Policy Analysts

deputy minister: The news came out during Garnier's sentencing hearing for the second-degree murder of Catherine Campbell, a Truro, N.S., police officer, according to CTV. The court heard Veterans Affairs was covering the cost of his psychologist because his father is a veteran who has also been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Emails obtained by The Canadian Press through Access to Information and Privacy legislation reveal a slew of people within the Veterans Affairs office -- including the deputy minister, policy analysts and communications officers -- were involved in shaping the message that was relayed to media about Christopher Garnier's benefits. Within the hundreds of pages of emails deliberating how to respond to the inundation of media inquiries, officials discussed pertinent policy and what messages would support the rationale for including family members in a veterans treatment plan. Who may be included in a veteran's treatment plan or rehabilitation plan... is at the discretion of the decision-maker based on the recommendation of the veterans treating health professional, and in consultation with the veterans, said Nicholson in an Aug. 28 email. Trevor Nicholson, a senior policy analyst with Veterans Affairs, outlined for several of his colleagues how the department's mental health policy functions. ( As reported in the news.