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Australian Rugby: Politics and Australian

australian rugby: If you maintain a little perspective on matters, none of the falls has been disastrous well, not yet, according to Rabble. What's unusual is that markets, institutions and individuals are tumbling just about everywhere you look. In the case of 2018, the falls were so broad in nature, it's almost been the year of going backwards. The stock market, Australian men's cricket, key Australian housing markets, Australian rugby, the Liberal and National parties, the Aussie dollar, new vehicle sales, real wages, permanent immigration visas, local business confidence, commodity prices, unemployment, banks' reputations, American politics, British politics, European politics, Chinese politics pretty much all politics they're all falling into 2019. The Bitcoin thingy a bubble designed to burst seems to be heading the way of Australia's energy policy Something that has fallen so far, we don't have one. And you can't forget cryptocurrencies when thinking of plunges. ( As reported in the news.