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Party Leader: John Ndp and Show People

party leader: I was told initially that I was aloof, and I thought, well, that's way better than being dumb or lazy or any of those things, so you have to take your credit where you can, the Liberal leader told CTV News in a sit-down interview about his first year in the role, according to CTV. Wilkinson, who previously served as attorney general and justice minister, is both a doctor and a lawyer, leaving little room for doubt when it comes to his intelligence. And when you're new to the role like Andrew Wilkinson is, you also need to show people who you are. But after becoming party leader, he needed to prove his political prowess, so he went on the attack constantly challenging John Horgan's NDP on a plethora of policies and campaign promises. There's also the issue of the 10-a-day daycare, which they call 'a slogan' now. The 400 rebate per year for renters because they realized they'd have to pay it to millionaires as well as to people who are struggling, Wilkinson said. ( As reported in the news.