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Canadian Oil: Oil and Canadian

canadian oil: That's some serious snake oil aka propaganda that is sabotaging our chance to keep the world habitable for our children. ; Politicians in Ottawa and Alberta are spinning a good yarn, according to National Observer. Their tall tale taps into deeply entrenched Canadian insecurities as well as anxieties about U.S. control of Canadian resources. No, the truly crazy-making discount frenzy is the barrage of half-truths, misinformation and outright lies blaming Alberta's woes on the so-called discount on Canadian oil. The problem is, like any good yarn, it's full of blarney. Lower quality lower price Yes, there is a price differential between Canadian oil and most U.S. oil, but it's not because of any discount. The truth is that there is no discount on Canadian oil as most people understand the term. ( As reported in the news.