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Migration Conference: Cost and Migration

migration conference: Unregulated migration bears a terrible human cost a cost in lives lost on perilous journeys across deserts, oceans and rivers; and a cost in lives ruined at the hands of smugglers, unscrupulous employers and other predators, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told a migration conference in Marrakech, Morocco, according to CTV. More than 60,000 migrants have died on the move since the year 2000, he said. The debate over the Global Compact for Migration, the first of its kind, has proven to be a pivotal test of the U.N.-led effort to crack down on the often dangerous and illegal movements across borders that have turned people smuggling into a worldwide industry, and give people seeking economic opportunity a chance. This is a source of collective shame. It can also involve high-skilled workers from developed nations looking for opportunities beyond their homelands. Migration affects hundreds of millions of people across the globe -- farmers coming off the land or forced by climate change to head to cities, families fleeing war or persecution at home, impoverished workers from the developing world looking for jobs in rich countries. ( As reported in the news.