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Dandakaranya Jungle: Defeat Ali and Exile Parshuram

dandakaranya jungle: Telangana was the Dandakaranya jungle that Ram crossed during his exile, according to Rabble. Parshuram, the sage who challenged Ram before recognising his powers, meditated in Madhya Pradesh. Chhattisgarh was the maika, or parental home, of Ram's mother. In Rajasthan, Ram's lieutenant Bajrang Bali would be enough to defeat Ali, a name aimed at evoking a fear of Muslims. Lest there be ambiguity as to the identity of the biryani-eaters, he explained whom he meant while addressing a rally in Nagaur, Rajasthan, on November 26. Campaigning in four of the five states where Assembly elections were held, Adityanath also boasted that the BJP was the only party capable of establishing Ram Rajya, a state of peace and development where everyone received welfare benefits without discrimination . The only exception, he thundered, were terrorists who would be fed bullets and not biryani. ( As reported in the news.