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Meng Wanzhou: Canadian Authorities and Chinese Authorities

meng wanzhou: The United States alleges Meng lied to American banks about a corporate manoeuvre supposedly designed to get around U.S. sanctions against Iran; law-enforcement officials asked Canada to arrest her when she transited through Vancouver on her way to Mexico, according to National Observer. She has since been released on 10 million bail. We are deeply concerned by the arbitrary detention by Chinese authorities of two Canadians earlier this month and call for their immediate release, Freeland said in a written statement. ; Kovrig and Spavor were taken into custody on security grounds just days after Canadian authorities in Vancouver arrested Meng Wanzhou, a senior executive with Chinese firm Huawei Technologies, so she can be extradited to the U.S. to face fraud charges. Western analysts say China's detention of the two Canadians is clearly retaliation for Meng's arrest. Canada is conducting a fair, unbiased and transparent legal proceeding with respect to Meng Wanzhou, Huawei's chief financial officer. Canada is a country governed by the rule of law, Freeland said. ( As reported in the news.