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Aplastic Anemia: Roshlind Mance

aplastic anemia: The teen, who lives in Alberta after moving from Winnipeg with her family, has aplastic anemia and paroxysmal hemoglobinuria, also known as PNH, conditions that kept her in and out of hospital and requiring regular blood transfusion, according to CTV. People with similar ethnic backgrounds are more likely to match, and only a fraction of those in the database are of Filipino descent. In early November, just over 500 people came out to a registration drive in Winnipeg for Canada's stem cell database, and to be swabbed to see if they were a match for Roshlind Mance. On Friday, it was announced a match for Mance was found. It's really an emotional thing, Mance told CTV News. There are no words to describe it. ( As reported in the news.