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Legault I: Challenge and Quebec City

legault i: We must, at the same time, take on another challenge the survival of our planet is at stake, said Legault, according to National Observer. I cannot ignore this urgent climate challenge and continue to look my two sons in the eyes. Legault, whose right-leaning Coalition Avenir Qu bec party was elected to form a majority government on Oct. 1, 2018, made the comments as he delivered his inaugural address to the National Assembly in Quebec City. ; He said Quebec must do a better job of fighting climate change just as it tackles a major economic challenge to match the economic wealth of its neighbouring states and provinces. Being bold, in this area, consists of seeing the reality that we are facing and to roll up our sleeves, despite the colossal magnitude of the challenge in front of us. Ontario Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford decided to abandon this market after forming a majority government in his province in June. Legault says Quebec will remain in an international cap and trade carbon market that it currently shares with California and allows the private sector to set a price on carbon pollution. ( As reported in the news.