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Alexandre Bissonnette: Muslim Men and Figures Show

alexandre bissonnette: There has been a disturbing spike of hate crimes in Canada, with attacks against Canadian Muslims more than doubling, new figures show. ottawacarl reports cdnpoli Attacks against Muslims jumped 207 per cent last year in Ontario, and almost tripled in Quebec, where reports of hate crimes peaked in the month after Alexandre Bissonnette murdered six Muslim men at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City on Jan. 29, 2017, according to National Observer. Last year, there were 664 more hate crimes nationwide than in 2016, a rise of 47 per cent. The record high of 2,073 police-reported hate crimes in 2017 was largely the result of a surge in property hate crimes like graffiti and vandalism, Statistics Canada said Thursday, and comes as Muslims are being targeted with increased ferocity. That is a much larger year-over-year increase than the growth of hate crimes in Canada between 2015 and 2016, and represents the fourth year in a row that these type of crimes have increased. ; Muslims in Quebec have expressed concerns that the issue has been flaring up due to a series of other incidents and developments, including a false report last December by a major television newscast, TVA Nouvelles, that incorrectly suggested two mosques had asked to have female construction workers removed from a site. This move is largely considered to be singling out Muslim women who wear a veil. More recently, Quebec Premier Fran ois Legault has pledged to move very quickly on a plan to ban religious symbols in the workplaces of public servants who interact directly with the population, such as teachers. ( As reported in the news.