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Idea Forms: Crusted Snow and Ecw Press

idea forms: This time, it was not the kind of local power failure many reserves are accustomed to, according to Rabble. Across Ontario and the northeastern U.S., 55 million people were suddenly plunged into a world without electricity during the most widespread blackout ever to hit North America. On August 14, 2003, Rice was there visiting his brothers when the power went out. Thankfully, the blackout was temporary. That idea forms the kernel of Rice's second novel, Moon of the Crusted Snow, recently published by ECW press, in which an unnamed disaster cuts off a northern Ontario reserve from the outside world, leaving the community to deal with both dwindling supplies and desperate refugees from the south. If, however, the power were to stay off, the 400 citizens of Wasauksing would be equipped with much of the knowledge, skills, and resources they would need to survive. ( As reported in the news.