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Drug Lord: Slaughter Civilians and Neighbouring Yemen

drug lord: The drug lord himself was donating munificently to the local United Way, speaking at service clubs about the importance of keeping kids off drugs, and shushing off protesting do-gooders by claiming there was no use calling the police on him, because even if his operation were to be taken down, someone else would just take his place, according to Rabble. That sickening conundrum pretty much sums up the current status of the Canadian weapons industry and, specifically, London, Ontario's General Dynamics Land Systems plant, which is providing 15 billion in killer weapons to the Saudi regime to repress women at home and mercilessly slaughter civilians in neighbouring Yemen. Each dealer was paid good, taxable wages and benefits, and their faces were featured in ads expressing great pride in their work to make the local economy strong and stable. The company is seen as a good corporate citizen for donating to local charities and for helping hundreds keep food on the table. Public relations mess Meanwhile in Ottawa, Liberal spin masters are struggling to keep up with an ever-growing list of Saudi atrocities the genocide of Yemenis being committed, in part, with Canadian equipment, the daily work of enforcing Saudi gender apartheid, the beheading and dismembering of opposition journalists, and the detention and torture of women's rights activists. And besides, it's Ottawa that made the call to proceed with the weapons deal. ( As reported in the news.