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Trump: American History and Crimes

trump: But what's funny about two powerful men connected to the two worst administrations in postwar American history arguing rhetorically about, in the Beaverton's insightful words from two months ago, whether hate crimes are better than war crimes Bannon, the former political strategist for Republican President Donald Trump who is frequently described as a white supremacist, has based his career on provoking hate crimes with the goal of bringing something approaching outright fascism to the United States, according to Rabble. So far, he seems to have been remarkably successful, and lately has been spreading his malignant agenda further afield. The Beaverton is a Canadian news-satire website. Frum, a speech writer and advisor for the war-mongering Republican administration of George W. Bush, helped lay the intellectual foundation for the long and bloody American War on Terror in his famously disingenuous Axis of Evil script for the 2002 State of the Union Speech. Both men remain senior apparatchiks in the increasingly unhinged American right. We all know how that worked out. ( As reported in the news.