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Pharmacist Licensing: Pharmacy Assistant and Meagre Wages

pharmacist licensing: But pregnant with her second child, she and her husband were living off meagre wages she as a part-time pharmacy assistant; he in a factory job, according to Toronto Star. Filipino immigrant Karla Ogaro said Windmill's 15,000 low-interest loan helped her pay for a retraining program that was crucial for her pharmacist licensing in Canada. The Filipino immigrant, who was a certified pharmacist back home, wanted to retrain and get her licence to practise in Ontario, but she was facing major hurdles She needed 13,000 to enrol in a program at the University of Toronto to complete the process. She got her Ontario license in May 2017. Then someone told her about a Canadian charity that offers low-interest microloans to help newcomers pay for the training or licensing they need to return to their former professions. Karla Ogaro A newcomer with no credit history in Canada, the Mississauga woman tried to get a personal loan from banks but without success. ( As reported in the news.