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Thursday Afp: Mexico City and Mexican Capital

thursday afp: A group of Central American migrants heading in a caravan to the U.S., and who are staying at a shelter set up at the Sports City in the Mexican capital, during a stop in their journey, march towards the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR hadquarters in Mexico City on Thursday, according to Toronto Star. ALFREDO ESTRELLA / AFP/GETTY IMAGES The office was closed when the migrants arrived, but a dozen were received by U.N. representatives at a nearby location, said Ilberto Sosa Montes, a 45-year-old Honduran who is one of caravan's co-ordinators. About 200 migrants, representing the roughly 5,000 staying in a stadium in the south of Mexico's capital, marched to the United Nations office in Mexico City to make the demand for transportation. We need buses to continue travelling, said Milton Benitez, a caravan co-ordinator. This is a humanitarian crisis and they are ignoring it, Benitez said as the group arrived at the U.N. office. Benitez noted that it would be colder in northern Mexico and it wasn't safe for the migrants to continue along highways, where drug cartels frequently operate. ( As reported in the news.