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Supreme Court: Congress and Women

supreme court: My faith in America is igniting again.I'm heartened by the unusually strong voter turnout that sent more women than ever to Congress, according to National Observer. The new cohort includes the first two Indigenous women elected to Congress and the first Muslim member of Congress. The lack of a Democratic hold on the House, Senate, or Supreme Court over the past two years has created the zero accountability situation that gave Trump free reign. ; I'm feeling so much relief and new hope this morning. As a dual citizen of Canada and America, I'm feeling happy to see steps forward for women in government across the border. This is the beginning, not the end for both. And, although some of the Democrats' shining lights might not have won this time Stacey Abrams, competing for the governor's race in Georgia may ask for a recount and Beto O'Rourke was narrowly defeated by Ted Cruz in Texas they'll be back. ( As reported in the news.