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Ms St: holocaust.a Handful and Ocean Liner

ms st: Louis returned to Germany and the passengers scattered in Europe, according to National Observer. More than 250 of them died in the Holocaust.A handful of surviving passengers from the St. The apology is months in the making and will focus on the decision by the government of William Lyon Mackenzie King in 1939 to reject an asylum request from more than 900 German Jews aboard an ocean liner that was nearing Halifax. ; Instead, the MS St. Louis are to be in the House of Commons when Trudeau rises to issue the apology later this afternoon. What they hope instead is that the prime minister makes a bold statement about anti-Semitism and commits to fight it, such as with a plan to tackle hate speech online. But the shooting deaths of 11 worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue almost two weeks ago have reframed the prime minister's plan for the apology and Jewish leaders expect Trudeau to say something more than that the Canadian government is sorry for a decision made decades ago. ( As reported in the news.