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St Century: Chinese Citizens and Anglophone Media

st century: The decision drew rapid indignation from Canada's francophone community but elicited initial indifference from pundits in the anglophone media, normally so quick to equate any affirmation of the French character across the border in Quebec as an attack on minorities, according to Toronto Star. As such, the controversy offers a window into the Canadian psyche of the 21st century. Ontario also has Chinese citizens, and they don't get a university of their own either, he reasoned. Carol Jolin President of the Assemblee de la francophonie de l'Ontario holds a news conference in in Ottawa on Thursday. If I look at everything that has been done since the government took power, it is starting to look like an attack on francophones. He said Premier Doug Ford is showing a lack of respect towards the province's French-speaking minority. ( As reported in the news.