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News Release: Assault and Consent Checklist

news release: We must place the onus squarely on perpetrators or potential perpetrators, because the best way to stop sexual assault is to not assault someone in the first place, according to CTV. On Monday the province unveiled two new posters created in collaboration with Winnipeg Safe City. We want to take aim at victim blaming and the notion that it's a woman's job to keep herself safe and prevent sexual assault, said Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires, also the minister responsible for status of women, in a news release. One of the posters features a consent checklist, urging the reader to assess whether their sexual partner is awake, sober, safe, comfortable, enjoying themselves and actively consenting to what's going on. The posters will be given to community-based organizations, universities, law enforcement and health service providers. The other poster offers rape prevention tips' with the words Don't Rape written across it, in an effort to educate people about victim blaming and showing that it's the assaulter who is responsible for rape. ( As reported in the news.