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Smear Campaigns: Civil-Defence Group and Rescue People

smear campaigns: The group of over 3,900 volunteers who helped rescue people after bombings say they are politically neutral, according to National Observer. Assad and his backers have engaged in smear campaigns to discredit them, accusing them of being undercover terrorists or agents of foreign powers. The mission to evacuate them from their war-torn country was tough, Hussen said in an interview, but Canada felt compelled to help the members of the civil-defence group after their efforts to save civilians being swept up in Syria's ongoing civil war. ; It was a tough mission, it was a tough ask, but we delivered because we felt that White Helmets had done an exceptional service for humanity and we needed to be there to help them in their time of need, Hussen told The Canadian Press this week. Canada, however, views them as advocates who performed an amazing and brave service on behalf of humanity in the civil war in Syria, Hussen said. Canada was called upon by the international community directly to respond. They not only helped rescue people who were caught in the conflict, they also collected evidence of war crimes, and that is why they were threatened directly by the Assad regime, he said. ( As reported in the news.