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Reporters Thursday: Israel Views and Mombeini Permission

reporters thursday: The Iranian government has denied Mombeini permission to travel after her husband, an environmentalist and university professor, died in a Tehran prison while being held on espionage accusations, according to National Observer. That is what we need to resolve with Iran before moving on to any other issue, Freeland said in a conference call with reporters Thursday. Freeland said Thursday her two-hour meeting with Netanyahu a day earlier touched on a wide range of pressing global issues, including Canada's own strained relationship with Iran, a country that Israel views as an existential threat. ; The Liberal government pledged during the 2015 federal election to re-establish diplomatic relations with Iran, but Freeland made clear that isn't going to happen unless the regime allows Maryam Mombeini, an Iranian-Canadian dual citizen, to leave the country. Netanyahu highlighted the Iran discussion as he welcomed Canada's top diplomat on her first Middle East trip, which included stops in Jordan and the West Bank. In fact, you have said that you will not establish international relations with Iran, which ought to be self-evident for a country that openly calls for the destruction of the one and only Jewish state but you have acted on it and we appreciate that. We appreciate your support in various international forums, Netanyahu said in remarks released by his office. ( As reported in the news.