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Refugee Crisis: Refugee and Bank Accounts

refugee crisis: Refugees wait to board a bus to the port of Mytilene, where they plan to board a ferry to Athens, at Moria Refugee Camp in September in Moria, Greece, according to Toronto Star. The World Refugee Council, established by a Canadian think-tank, is proposing using funds from dictators' frozen bank accounts to assist with the global refugee crisis. The proposal will be one of the main recommendations of the World Refugee Council, a self-appointed body of two dozen global political figures, academics and civil-society representatives led by former Canadian foreign minister Lloyd Axworthy. Milos Bicanski / GETTY IMAGES We've put forward a proposition that where there are frozen assets they should be unfrozen through a proper legal process and reallocated to help the victims of the crime and corruption and instability that the bad guys create, said Axworthy. The bad guys have to pay to help their victims. It's a morality play. ( As reported in the news.