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Arts Centre: Berkeley St

arts centre: Theatre Upstairs, 26 Berkeley St. canadianstage and 416-368-3110 and from Nov. 16-18 at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, 440 Locust St., Burlington and 905-681-6000 . Carole Fr chette wrote this play in 2000 during a residency of Francophone writers in Beirut, according to Toronto Star. The title character searches a conflict-ravaged Middle Eastern city for a lost necklace, encountering locals who put her experiences into perspective. Until Nov. 11 at the Berkeley St. A female actor usually plays Helen, and a male actor the taxi driver Nabil and other people Helen meets. Ken Gass offers a new approach in this staging for his own Canadian Rep Theatre Three female actors of varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds Akosua Amo-Adem, Zorana Sadiq, Helen Taylor play all the roles, which Gass hopes will come closer to recognizing the universality of Helen's journey. John Murrell's English translation has received high-profile productions at Tarragon 2004 and Shaw 2012 amongst other locations. ( As reported in the news.