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People Trump: Pittsburgh Synagogue and African-American Church

people trump: In the past week alone, a fanatic Trump supporter stands accused of mailing 12 pipe bombs to people Trump frequently criticizes, including the Obamas and the Clintons, as well as three bombs to CNN; two African-Americans were murdered by a white supremacist outside Louisville, Kentucky, after he unsuccessfully tried to enter a predominantly African-American church; and 11 Jewish worshippers were massacred in a Pittsburgh synagogue by a white supremacist who railed on social media against Jews who help refugees, or invaders, as he and Trump call them, according to Rabble. Whether he owns it or not, these horrors are a culmination of an increasingly hate-filled campaign season, led by the president himself as he lashes out at women, immigrants and people of colour at rallies around the country. The potential Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives, and potentially the Senate, has energized voters hoping for a blue wave, while Trump and Republican efforts to motivate their base have unleashed a torrent of white supremacist vitriol that is without precedent in recent years. But there also is a surge of women and people of colour running for office. In Florida, a remarkable citizen initiative is poised to succeed, which will restore the right to vote to over 1.4 million Floridians -- people previously convicted of felonies. The question now is, who will come out to vote -- and, critically, who will be denied the right to vote -- in these midterm elections Republican efforts to purge voter rolls of likely Democratic voters have sparked a national movement to ensure the right to vote. ( As reported in the news.