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Film Birth: Film and Multi-Ethnic Classrooms

film birth: The book said Griffith's cutting-edge cinema technology drew massive crowds, but stayed silent on the film's plot, according to Toronto Star. When I asked my teacher and classmates if they knew which Nation was born in the film, they were all clueless. Our textbook mentioned D.W. Griffith's seminal film Birth of a Nation, describing its immense popularity in Canadian cities in 1915. Thinking critically means recognizing you can't take a 58-year-old novel set in Alabama To Kill a Mockingbird and superimpose its two-dimensional depiction of racism on the multi-ethnic classrooms that abound in the GTA, writes Morgan Campbell. Griffith portrayed them as heroes for lynching African-Americans in the post-bellum South, who, without slavery to keep them civilized, had gone feral. Laura Cavanaugh / GETTY IMAGES So I explained that Nation mean the Ku Klux Klan. ( As reported in the news.