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Minute Debate: Steve Bannon

minute debate: Those same elites consider the populist movement to be made up of racist, nativist xenophobes, he said, according to National Observer. Well, it's not. Denying Trump or his supporters are racist, Steve Bannon called populists the true anti-fascists because, he said, fascism looks to worship the state. ; Bannon slammed what he called the great elites of the permanent political class for causing the devastating financial crisis in 2008 and waging endless wars like the one in Afghanistan. They're the backbone of our country, the most decent people on Earth, Bannon said during the 90-minute debate. However, he said, Trump and populism should not be the answer. Bannon's opponent, conservative commentator David Frum, conceded that liberal democracy was in trouble for many of the reasons Bannon outlined. ( As reported in the news.