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Doug Miro: Chris Brancato and Friday November

doug miro: Look at movies like Sicario and Peppermint or TV series like Breaking Bad and Narcos content filled with drug runners, assassins and MS-13 like gang members and consider how Latinx characters exist in the popular imagination, according to NOW Magazine. If you start thinking about someone else's rhetoric, it could ruin your day, says Michael Pe a, speaking not just about Trump but anyone who would assume characters in a show like Narcos represent an entire ethnicity. MEXICO Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, Doug Miro Ten episodes streaming on Netflix beginning Friday November 16 . Rating NNNWhen Donald Trump paints Mexicans as rapists and criminals, he gets a helping hand from Hollywood. The actor rose to prominence playing a stereotyped Latino in the Oscar-winning Crash and proceeded to land versatile roles in both gritty and comic films like End Of Watch and Ant-Man. Pe a is eager to dismiss shit Trump says There's no wall that's built right now and it's been a couple years and put distance between the president's jargon and the fact-based series the actor is part of. Now Pe a stars in Narcos Mexico, taking over for Pedro Pascal in Netflix's wildly popular series about the war on drugs. ( As reported in the news.