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Mexican Immigrant: Parti Quebecois and Party Leader

mexican immigrant: Getting to the top of Quebec's political class took time for the lawyer from the Lanaudiere town on Saint-Jacques, according to CTV. He ran for the PQ twice in the early 1970s before finally winning a seat in 1976 in the Fabre riding. Landry will be remembered for his four decades of work in public service for the Parti Quebecois first as a minister, then as party leader and premier. It was a historic year for the under Rene Levesque's leadership, the separatist party won power for the first time, forming a majority government and becoming one step closer to independence from Canada. After the night of the 1995 referendum, an employee at the Intercontinental Hotel accused him of verbally abusing her because she was a Mexican immigrant. Landry rose through the ranks of the PQ, occasionally making headlines due to his outspoken nature. ( As reported in the news.