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Extrajudicial Detention: Review and Indoctrination Camps

extrajudicial detention: Former detainees of such centres, on the other hand, have described the facilities as political indoctrination camps where ethnic Uighurs, Kazakhs and other Muslim minorities are forced to renounce their faith and swear loyalty to the ruling Communist Party, according to CTV. The U.N. has previously said there are credible reports that as many as 1 million people are being held in this form of extrajudicial detention. At a regular U.N. review of the country's human rights record, China characterized the far west region of Xinjiang as a former hotbed of extremism that has been stabilized through training centres which help people gain employable skills. At Tuesday's review -- part of the Human Rights Council's periodic review process for every member state -- the U.S., Canada, Japan and several other countries called on Beijing to address growing concerns over its treatment of Xinjiang Muslims. Representatives from both Canada and the U.K. said the country's human rights situation has deteriorated. U.S. charge d'affaires Mark Cassayre urged China to immediately release the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of individuals arbitrarily detained in the region. ( As reported in the news.