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Dentistry Schools: Immigrants and Dalhousie University

dentistry schools: Vince Talotta / Toronto Star The payoff is especially high for immigrants facing greater barriers to employment refugees and family class immigrants who may arrive in this country without specific credentials to work here, according to Toronto Star. Family class immigrants with post-secondary education experience earned an average income 10,000 greater than those without post-secondary experience, eight years after arriving in Canada. Two years after their arrival in Canada, Tibetan refugee brothers Khamsum Wangdu right and Kunsang Namgyal were admitted to dentistry schools at U of T and Dalhousie University. For refugees, post-secondary education gave them an advantage of 9,000. Article Continued Below That may make all the difference for people belonging to those categories, including the 46,700 refugees who settled in Canada in 2016 alone. Post-secondary experience gives a bigger pay boost to women belonging to one of those categories than to men. ( As reported in the news.