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Criticism: Nazi Germany and Jason Kenney

criticism: There's been no shortage of Albertans demanding that Kenney, leader of the Conservative opposition in the legislature, revoke Carpay's membership in the United Conservative Party for his odious comparison of the rainbow pride flag to the banners of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, according to Rabble. Kenney's even had a Postmedia political columnist -- a breed not usually associated with criticism of the UCP -- gently suggest that now might be an excellent time to advise Carpay his assistance is no longer required. Since the story broke over the long weekend, Carpay and his old comrade in social conservatism, Jason Kenney, have been subjected to a ferocious barrage of criticism, and not just on social media. Columnist Don Braid called Carpay's comment a dark, ugly slur, and reminded readers that the jackboot march to real totalitarianism always starts by demonizing minorities. That was said at a fundraiser for Carpay's so-called Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which earlier this year tried to get a court injunction to halt enforcement of the Alberta law preventing schools from informing parents when students join gay-straight alliances. Carpay's inadvisable commentary also reminded folks of the kind of things Kenney says when he's among friends, like that time last year when he compared Carpay to Rosa Parks, the civil rights activist best known for her role in the 1955 Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott. ( As reported in the news.