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Climate Disaster: Invasion I and American Hordes

climate disaster: Not just for Vancouver's promised earthquake, but in case of climate disaster, or social upheaval, or imminent invasion, according to National Observer. I fantasize about building the kind of secure, off-the-grid concrete retreat where you could live for a year or a decade, even if the American hordes come pouring across the border with their guns. USpoli Trump Republicans DemocratsI've long obsessed over disaster prep. A nice, solid bunker, suitable for surviving the end of the world. ; And now the end of the world may be just around the corner, in the form of America's midterm elections. A Democratic resurgence could see the Democrats retake the House of Representatives and possibly also the Senate, though that seems exceedingly unlikely . Or a strong Republican turnout could leave both branches of Congress with Republican majorities, meaning that all three branches of government would now be firmly under Republican control thanks to the last two Supreme Court appointments .A solid Republican victory offers the prospect of an emboldened Trump presidency. After all, this election has only a couple of possible outcomes. ( As reported in the news.