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Answer Questions: Kenney Kenney and Fall Legislature

answer questions: He's no longer a member of the United Conservative party, said Kenney, according to Vancouver Courier. Kenney declined further comment and has not otherwise made himself available to answer questions during the first week of the fall legislature sitting. Kenney walked past reporters waiting to question him Thursday on his way into the legislature chamber.article continues below Trending StoriesPETA calls on Vancouver shoppers to boycott Canada Goose store This Trans Link supervisor held a man from jumping off a Vancouver bridge Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history Here's why Vancourier was judged Canada's best community newspaper website He would only say that Adam Strashok is out and reiterated that future party members will be screened to avoid those linked to hateful comments. Earlier this week, Kenney issued a statement saying he had ordered Strashok expelled from the party and he didn't know about Strashok's background when he worked on his campaign in 2017. It's the latest in a series of United Conservative supporters voicing or associating with people expressing hateful and intolerant views. Strashok has not commented on the reports. ( As reported in the news.