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Wedding Morning: Day and Edge

wedding morning: I will belong to another country, according to National Observer. I am like a bride on her wedding morning, if that bride is 43-years-old and tired from nine years of bureaucratic hoops culminating in transporting two children 12 hours to get from our remote little rock-in-the-ocean to the big city where this commitment ceremony will occur. It's day of duality, a day on the edge, and for me, it is not just an edge of lightness and seasons, it is a day on the edge between identities.I awoke American and I will go to sleep Canadian. In this ceremony, I am asked to commit myself in word to the Queen of Canada, and in heart, to a new home. I want, I want, I want the feeling would rain down upon me until I was soggy with it. After a couple of years, I realized I had to say to people, I am from America, and that would help them understand why I laughed at the wrong moments, expressed my opinions when asked or not . Immigration citizenship Cit ImmCanada Belonging is a powerful notion and I know it best in its lack, in the years of longing that filled my being. ( As reported in the news.