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Dance Season: Lecavalier and Time I

dance season: Her explosive work with that company made her a star, much in demand by the likes of David Bowie, with whom she toured in the 90s, according to NOW Magazine. Still incredibly strong and fit on the cusp of 60, these days Lecavalier typically pushes her body to the max in her own propulsive choreographies. The first time I saw Lecavalier was her appearance with La La La Human Steps here in the early 80s. Battleground, inspired by Italo Calvino characters, references a fight ring and should be no exception. Lecavalier's work is the perfect way to open our new dance season examining both external and internal collision, offering the possibility of resolution through resilience, toward physical and emotional liberation. Torque programmer Nathalie Bonjour counts herself among the many smitten with the tiny powerhouse I have admired her for many years. ( As reported in the news.