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Vancouver Independents: Vancouver and Immigration Rhetoric

vancouver independents: Now, in the final weeks before midterm elections, he's back at it as he looks to stave off Democratic gains in Congress, according to Vancouver Courier. It's an approach that offers both risks and rewards. Donald Trump fueled his 2016 campaign with fiery immigration rhetoric, visions of hordes flowing across the border to assault Americans and steal their jobs. He could energize Democratic foes as well as the Republicans he wants to rouse to the polls.article continues below Trending Stories Vancouver election 2018 live blog Kennedy Stewart elected mayor of Vancouver Vancouver will not have a woman as mayor again Vancouver independents fail to make inroads on council, park and school board But for the president, the potential gains clearly win out. He tweeted that the caravan was an assault on our country at our Southern Border. In campaign stops and on Twitter in recent days, he has seized on a huge caravan of Central American migrants trying to reach the United States through Mexico as fresh evidence that his tough immigration prescriptions are needed. ( As reported in the news.