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Quebec: Quebec Legislature and Government

quebec: This cabinet is at your service, according to National Observer. We will work with all our strength and with all our heart for you, but we will need you. But as he was sworn in as premier, Legault offered assurances that even though his Coalition Avenir Quebec party was handed a large majority in the Oct. 1 election, he would seek consensus for his reforms. ; This government is your government, he said in a speech after the ceremony at Quebec City's legislature. If we are millions pushing in the same direction, anything is possible. However, he made it clear he would be sticking to his promises, including a plan to ban the wearing of religious symbols for state employees in positions of authority, which has already been the subject of protests in the Montreal area. Legault's 20-minute speech focused largely on his commitments to health, education and the economy, while avoiding his controversial proposal to reduce immigration. ( As reported in the news.