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Tie Democrats: Minority Candidates and Terms Members

tie democrats: Trump and other Republicans are insistently seeking to tie Democrats to unfettered immigration and violent crime, and in some instances this summer and fall they have attacked minority candidates in nakedly racial terms, according to Toronto Star. Members of the Red Cross delivered water to migrants as they continued through Mexico on Monday. The unsubstantiated charge marked an escalation of Trump's efforts to stoke fears about foreigners and crime before the Nov. 6 vote, as he did to great effect in the presidential race. Johan Ordonez / AFP/Getty Images Trump is now railing daily in speeches and on Twitter against the migrant caravan moving north through Central America, and on Monday called it a national emergency. The apparently groundless inclusion of unknown Middle Easterners to the caravan echoes Trump's long-standing practice of amplifying fears about Islamic militants on the campaign trail. The caravan has dominated conservative talk radio and Fox News, where there has also been loose speculation about a link to terrorism. ( As reported in the news.