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Justice Issues: Councillor Geoff and Victoria Instructor

justice issues: The newcomers ran on a platform focusing on environmental sustainability and affordable housing, according to CTV. We talked to a ton of renters, a ton of seniors on fixed incomes, families who are feeling pushed out of our city, said Collins. This is quite progressive, a younger council and a lot of new faces and overall one I think that's going to emphasize social justice issues, said political scientist Michael Prince. Collins is a University of Victoria instructor on social inequality and social justice and says something on the to do list is define what's affordable. Long-term councillor Geoff Young is feeling like the odd man out, saying he is in a minority. Making sure that we're taking that out of the hands of developers, that the city council is actually defining affordability according to the CMHC's definition, which is that no one should be spending more than 30 per cent of their income on their housing, said Collins. ( As reported in the news.