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Target Minority: Coalition and Quebec City

target minority: Quebec premier-designate Francois Legault said Tuesday his government would invoke the notwithstanding clause if necessary to safeguard its religious-symbol legislation against a court challenge, according to Toronto Star. Paul Chiasson / THE CANADIAN PRESS Genevieve Guilbault, elected for the Coalition in Quebec City's Louis-Hebert riding, said Quebecers gave the Coalition a clear mandate to prohibit public servants wielding authority from wearing religious symbols such as the Muslim hijab and Jewish kippa. As the Coalition prepared its entry into government at a meeting south of Montreal, it was on the defensive over policies seen to target minority religious groups and immigrants. Those who lose their jobs after refusing to respect the new rules will be the authors of their own misfortune, she said. Those people will be free to relocate to another job that will not be in an authority situation, she said. Guilbault said when the new law is adopted, there will be a transition period for any judges, police officers, teachers, prosecutors and prison guards affected. ( As reported in the news.