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Party: Policy I and Stephen Harper

party: I can tell you, we will do the same thing we did in 2015 No personal attacks, strong differentiation on issues of policy, according to National Observer. I will not engage in personal attacks and none of our team will either. Speaking at a Liberal fundraiser in northwestern Toronto, Trudeau was adamant his Liberal party won't indulge in the expected mudslinging, saying positivity is the only way to go. ; We are now looking at perhaps what will be the most divisive and negative and nasty political campaign in Canada's history, Trudeau said. The lesson he said he took from the 2015 election in which his party went from third place to oust the Conservatives under Stephen Harper is that bringing people together is what matters. A positive, compelling message that brings people together, that refuses the politics of personal attacks, that refuses the politics of division of scare tactics whether its snitch lines or hijab attacks that kind of approach that Stephen Harper tried does not work, Trudeau said. His campaign then, he said, proved that it's better to treat voters as rational and intelligent citizens and not just blind consumers of the politics of fear. ( As reported in the news.