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Sao Paulo: Jair Bolsonaro and Rabble Rouser

sao paulo: With his pledge of Brazil above all, Jair Bolsonaro has catapulted from the fringes of Congress, where he served as a member of marginal parties for 27 years, to a stone's throw from the presidency, according to Toronto Star. A rabble rouser who has reminisced fondly about dictatorship and promised an all-out war on drugs and crime, he just missed outright victory in Sunday's vote and will face former Sao Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad of the leftist Workers' Party in an Oct. 28 runoff. He also pledged to promote traditional values that would roll back the rights of gays and other minorities. Brazilian congressman and presidential candidate for the next election, Jair Bolsonaro, right, poses for pictures with militaries during an military event in Sao Paulo, Brazil in May. NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP/GETTY IMAGES Bolsonaro only needs a few more points to secure victory, and Haddad's supporters vowed Monday to launch a tough fight to make up ground after their candidate finished a distant second. Polarizing far-right politician Bolsonaro easily won the first round of Brazil's presidential election on Sunday, but will face a run-off against a leftist rival in three weeks. ( As reported in the news.