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Muslim Families: Sikh Turbans and Values Test

muslim families: Many demonstrators carried signs targeting premier-designate Francois Legault, who has promised to cut immigration and submit new Quebecers to a French and values test within three years of arriving, according to CTV. Legault has also said he's ready to use the Constitution's notwithstanding clause to pass legislation banning public servants in positions of authority from wearing religious clothing such as Muslim hijabs, Jewish kippahs and Sikh turbans. Muslim families pushing strollers, Indigenous community leaders, masked anti-capitalist activists and members of some 50 community groups marched through the city's downtown in a protest that stretched across several blocks. Members of Sunday's crowd, which included a large number of women in hijabs, made it clear they weren't among the new premier's supporters. Legault, I'll put on my cowboy hat to fight for my rights, read one poster. Not only will I keep my veil, Mr. ( As reported in the news.