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Pizza Driver: Rifle Crosshairs and Hillary Clinton

pizza driver: He drove a van plastered with stickers supporting U.S. President Donald Trump, criticizing media outlets and showing rifle crosshairs over liberals like Hillary Clinton and filmmaker Michael Moore, according to CTV. But she kept him around, even though she is a lesbian, because he was honest, dependable and never got into fights. Years later, working as a pizza driver, Sayoc would often express hatred for minorities, Jews and gays, his manager said. Why Sayoc changed so radically over the years remains a mystery, but to those who know him, there seems little question that he did. When I think of the guy I knew and the guy I see now on MSNBC, CNN and at Trump rallies, I think, 'Did he really slip ' He thinks Trump's sometimes bombastic criticism of liberals may have pushed Sayoc over the edge. We were friends, we were boys, we travelled in the same van, slept in the same room, said former dancer David Crosby, who is black. ( As reported in the news.