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Mid-Year Surveys: Asylum Seekers and Border

mid-year surveys: Two mid-year surveys of 2,000 Canadians, conducted by the department in March, suggested Canadians were not overly confident about Canada's ability to manage the border at unguarded points-of-entry and had little sense of obligation about accepting asylum seekers from the United States, according to Vancouver Courier. Fewer than half of respondents 43 per cent in a telephone survey and 35 per cent in an online survey agreed that Canada is taking appropriate steps to manage irregular border crossings. Documents released to The Canadian Press under access-to-information law show department officials receive weekly internal updates on media coverage and public response to issues related to asylum seekers coming irregularly into the country across the Canada-U.S. border.article continues below Trending Stories Active Volcanoes near Metro Vancouver considered high threat'Vancouver has one of the best new restaurants in Canada Vision Vancouver will not run a mayoral candidate for first time in party's history This 22-year-old mural depicting Vancouver's transit history was painted over This monitoring includes internal polling conducted by the Immigration Department to track public opinion about asylum seekers. Forty-two per cent of telephone respondents and just 18 per cent of those online indicated they felt the number of people coming to Canada and claiming asylum was at an appropriate level. The documents also show the Immigration Department closely measures public comment about asylum seekers on social media. Canadians are more receptive to refugees who have been selected by the government of Canada compared to those who come to Canada and claim asylum, the internal document notes as one of its key takeaways from the public survey. ( As reported in the news.