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Obama Years: Peace Organizations

obama years: The anti-war faction that mobilized against the Iraq war shrunk precipitously during the Obama years, observed The Atlantic writer Conor Friederdorf in May 2017, and is less noisy as Trump takes office than anti-pipeline protesters, according to Rabble. After a year with Trump in the Oval Office, however, peace is a high political priority again. Peace organizations haven't been in the news much for a decade or so, even though the U.S. is entering its 18th year of war in Afghanistan. There's another major peace event scheduled for Washington, D.C. on October 21. Sixteen million South Koreans -- one in three -- took to the streets in the fall and winter of 2016, she said. At NoWar2018, Christine Ahn argued that reconciliation of North and South Koreas signals a window, a moment in time when peace is possible. ( As reported in the news.