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Nomination: Edmonton-Henday West and Yesterday Morning

nomination: Finally, late yesterday morning, the UCP -- oh, so reluctantly -- instructed Coulter to take a hike, according to Rabble. The former assistant to the Edmonton Griesbach Conservative member of Parliament Kerry Diotte was one of three nomination candidates in the Henday electoral district who invited members of Soldiers of Odin anti-immigrant vigilante group to a constituency association beer night and then posed for selfies with them. Leastways, the United Conservative Party nomination candidate in the Edmonton-Henday West Riding certainly had to work extremely hard to get himself kicked out of the party's nomination process. But he was the only one of the three who wouldn't immediately disavow the Soldiers -- who turned up in their biker-style colours with S.O.O. emblazoned on their jackets, hats and T-shirts. He made a series of increasingly eye-popping comments that, if he's not a Soldiers of Odin sympathizer, sure as heck made him sound like one. Instead, Coulter hunkered down for a spell, then came out swinging, defending the Soldiers' fundamental right to free selfies and his prominent role in it. ( As reported in the news.