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Hour-Plus Speech: Terror Charges and Presidency Trump

hour-plus speech: He zeroed in on the past week, which many White House aides believe was one of the most successful of his presidency, according to CTV. Trump drew loud cheers from the crowd for securing the release of pastor Andrew Brunson, swaggering that we bring a lot of people back. Jocular and boastful, Trump barnstormed -- in what was a barn on a rural fairgrounds -- for Ohio's gubernatorial and congressional candidates, but, as he often does, spent much of the hour-plus speech touting his own track record. After Brunson was sentenced to three years in a Turkish prison on terror charges, Turkey's government quickly freed him to return to the U.S. Trump dwelt at length on the trials of Brett Kavanaugh, who was seated on the Supreme Court this week after a contentious confirmation process that featured multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, which he denied, and bitter partisan battles. We are more energized as Republicans than ever before, Trump told the crowd bundled against the chill on the outskirts of the Cincinnati region. But Trump argued that the bruising process, which ignited a soul-searching national conversation about sexual assault, was a tremendous service for his party. ( As reported in the news.