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Anti-Migrant Agenda: Prison Corporations and American Prisons

anti-migrant agenda: Think Progress has previously reported that an average of 35,929 people per day were detained in immigration detention centres, with 73 per cent 26,240 people held in facilities operated by private prison corporations, according to Rabble. The private prisons that hold people arrested for irregularly entering the United States are closely tied with Trump's racist anti-migrant agenda. Documented and The Guardian jointly report, One of Canada's biggest pension investment funds has increased holdings in two U.S. private companies that run American prisons and incarcerate the majority of detained immigrants. In November 2016, Truthdig reported, Investments in the prison company Core Civic Co. became 43 percent more valuable the day after Trump's election... The value of the correctional services company Geo Group rose 21 percent. The New York Times has done a documentary video about these prisons and notes, One picture of private prisons captured in the video includes barely edible food, indifferent health care, guard brutality and assorted corner-cutting measures. An August 2017 Truthdig article also noted, Core Civic and GEO Group ... both made large donations to the Trump campaign. ( As reported in the news.